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Paul plays the role of Dale Walters. Along with his buddy Nigel, they are forced to begin their own unique journeys in the world of unemployment. The Alberta economy turns very bad and the downturn lasts longer than anyone anticipated.

Dale is a very charismatic and lighthearted man that works hard to enjoy a life of adventure and excitement. And then things change.

Paul J. Chinook is a writer and actor, known for February’s Dog (2019). Paul has spent the last half decade deeply immersed in the Alberta Film Industry.

He is a Professional Actor with numerous commercial film credits to his name and has just recently began to write screenplays, with February’s Dog being the first one to enter production.

Paul has been in numerous commercials as well as many, many top Alberta/BC film and TV projects such as Heartland, Hell on Wheels, Wynonna Earp, Travellers, Van Helsing, SuperGirl, The Predator, Altered Carbon, Damnation, Young Drunk Punk and Fargo Season 2.

Instagram – pauljchinook

twitter – Drillbitchinook

IMDb – Paul J. Chinook


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Quinn plays the role of Emily Walters, wife of Dale. Emily is a very special human and is very hard working, very determined, and very compassionate.

She is the brains of the family and takes great joy in caring for her man-child Dale when she is not verbally sparring with him with her comically sharp wit.

Emily will need all of her strength and resources to deal with everything that transpires in this movie.

Quinn is a BC girl originally, but moved out to Calgary in 2015.

She just recently returned to Calgary after taking acting lessons in Los Angeles.

This is her first principle role.

Rising Calgary star QUINN TEECHMA is known for her role in February’s Dog as Emily Walters, Hell on Wheels (TV Series) as San Fransican Woman and Project HLR (TV Mini-Series short) as Laundry Girl.

Instagram – @quinnteechma 

facebook – @quinnteechma


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Will plays the role of Jedd Wilson, A devoted family man and father of two sons. He will go to the ends of the earth for his family, nothing ever seems to bother him or drag him down.

Jedd, like so many people, hides his stress and troubles well. He is too proud and even unaware that he needs help.

Will lives in Carstairs, Alberta. He first arrived on set as a paid actor during the Fall of 2016. Like so many actors in the greater Calgary area, his first background appearance came on Heartland (CBC).

After heartland, Will was hooked! Since then he has appeared on numerous TV and Film productions including Tin Star and Wynona Earp.

Twitter – @willwebster0122

Instagram – ww_0122


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Dan plays the role of Pastor Frank, the local minister and lifelong friend who Dale comes to for advice.

Frank is a down to earth kind of guy who, aside from being a pastor, also participates in community events with his congregation and neighbors. He’s a true member of the community who cares about these people.

Dan J. McDougall is a Canadian actor, writer and producer.

Dan is also a professional musician and singer. His band, the Raynmen, is popular in clubs around the Calgary area, where Dan resides.

Dan has worked on many productions including Jann, Fargo, Hell on Wheels, Brokeback Mountain, Lloyd the Conqueror, and Heartland, as well as considerable work on TV and radio commercials.

In 2017, Dan began writing and producing “High Strung” – a comedic web-series following the misadventures of “Mick”, a 50-something music teacher with an affinity for “herbal cigarettes”.

Facebook as “Dan J McDougall”


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Sarah plays the role of Kate Carter, the owner of the local bar. Confidante, counselor and companion. 

I got my first role when I was 16 in NYC on a scholarship through the Young Canadians.

My newest movie was just released on Disney plus!! It is called TOGO. And I’m heading to Italy to study Tuscan culinary history and then back here for a show at ATP in April. 2020

Sarah Wheeldon is known for her work on Togo (2019), Adventures of a Pizza Guy (2015) and Lust in the Time of Heartache (2014).

IMDb – Sarah Wheeldon


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Felipe plays the role of Jimmy Walters, the self-absorbed, happy-go-lucky, nouveau-riche cousin of the, Dale Walters.  Dale and Jimmy have years of history together and they especially bonded in their days as prodigal youth chasing women at bars and nightclubs. 

Jimmy completely misinterprets Dale’s actions and is thoroughly unaware of the signs of mental health illness.

Felipe is a famous latin singer, songwriter and actor.

This year I’m hoping to record a third music album and am currently preparing for a summer 2020 South America and USA tour.  Stay tuned!

Guardians Evolution, seasons 1-3 on APTN as Chema

La Apañadora – Music Video

Nuestro Secreto – Music Video

Una y Mil Voces – Guest Performer

Una Noche con Janet – Guest Performer

Instagram – @felipealbertomusica

Website:          www.felipealbertomusica.com

as the DOCTOR

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Scott plays the role of the Fertility Clinic Doctor.

Felipe is a famous latin singer, songwriter and actor.

This year I’m hoping to record a third music album and amScott was a finalist in Alberta’s Search for Funniest New Comic. He has showcased for Just For Laughs 5 times. He can also be heard on XM radio talking about gourmet pizza and his Mom’s nipples.

Sirius XM

Just For Laughs


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Kevin plays the role of Nigel Loggins. He’s best friends with Dale Walters, his partner at work. Nigel is an ex-military Brit who left England a few years back in search of a better living and life in Alberta.

He has his head screwed on right and he’s a kind hearted, logical thinker.

Unfortunate events transpire causing Nigel to start asking serious questions about himself and where he fits in the world.

Kevin is an English actor based in Canada. Represented in Calgary, Vancouver and LA. He holds SAG/ACTRA/CAEA/BAEA designations.

Currently, he resides in Calgary, Alberta and is father to two wonderful children.

Kevin has a passion for Martial Arts, and has been teaching for over 30 years – he holds a 4th degree black belt in Karate and also a 4th degree black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

You can see Kevin on Netflix in Hell On Wheels as Paddy Quinn, The Northlander on ATPN, Wynonna Earp as Lord Bondicus, Heartland (2014) on Netflix as a Poacher, Marauder (Short), The Great Fear, (2012) The Dead Mille,  (1993) Stay Lucky (TV Series) and February’s Dog coming soon!

Twitter – @kevindavey2014 

Instagram – davey_kevin

IMDb – Kevin Davey


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Doug plays the character of Arthur Newbury – who is the area supervisor for Apex Oil, and Nigel and Dale’s boss. Art creates the impetus to the whole chain of events that transpire in this film.

Arthur is very conflicted as he is the opposite persona to the cold “Big Oil” company that he represents. He struggles internally and feels very responsible for the employees that he counts as friends.

Like many people in life, he is not in tune with the signs of Mental Health issues and misses them completely.

Doug is a Professional Actor, script writer and movie fan residing in Calgary, Alberta with his beautiful wife and new born daughter, Hayden – both of whom appear in this film also.

A fan of the whole movie making process, Doug has logged over 300 days on set in various film and TV productions the last 10 years on both sides of the camera – as an actor and also as a background wrangler.

You can see Doug recently on Netflix Hell on Wheels as The Line Foreman, on El Chicano Movie as LAPD Sargent, on Netflix Damnation as Black Legion Soldier, on CMT Bobby Wills music video “Tougher than Love” as the Father, and Government of Alberta TV Commercial “Economic Diversity” as the Rancher, to name just a few.

IMDb – Doug Wilson


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Jill plays the role of the local town store clerk. She is friends with Dale Walters. She thinks Dale is a very funny guy.

Jill Maria Robinson is a Romanian born Canadian Actress. She has been in the entertainment industry for seven years in Canada.

Jill Maria is most known for her principle acting role as Vivie, on the Canadian TV series “Go Fish” on Amazon Prime (2015). She has been seen on, Heartland on CBC, Young Drunk Punk, Fargo TV Series, Klondike, Extremity (2108), Interstellar, Mountain Men, Land 2020, Jasmine Road 2020, Fortunate Son 2020, Miracle in East Texas 2020, The Great Fear, City Palate Commercial, Felipe Alberto Latin Music Video.


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My first feeling about my character when reading the script would be that Tamara is exactly like me. So the role was a perfect fit! Tamara is Emily’s best friend. Tamara is very focused on her own life and offers Emily very little support.

Sheridan claims to be a huge social media queen and describes herself as the kindest person – caring about everyone and her friends are her number one priority. She will do anything to help them and to make them feel better no matter what it is. 

After I had my daughter at the age of 18 I went for my first head shots because everyone kept telling me I had the looks for modelling. I did some just free photo shoots for a few then signed my first contract. It gave me a new sense of confidence. 

Instagram – @Danimodelling23_0122


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Marianne plays the role of Nurse Jean. She is a nursing co-worker with Emily Walters. They work together at the Hospital. As Emily struggles to cope with life, Jean tries to help steady her.

Marianne is an Canadian actor, model, and entrepreneur. She currently resides in Calgary, AB with her beautiful daughter.

You can see Marianne on Heartland (CBC) and more than a dozen major film and television productions such as Fargo, Tin Star, Black Summer, Jann, Fortunate Son, A Teacher, Winter in Vail, and Wynonna Earp.

Twitter – @themareone


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Stephanie plays the role of the Waitress. Her character was a waitress for the charming Marv’s Diner! It was still at a positive part of the movie so it was easy to bring my natural upbeat energy to the set.

I had first worked in television broadcasting, ranging from sports, entertainment, and now documentaries. Recently I won an award for best international at a human and social rights award for a documentary I did in Mexico City about the student massacre that happened on October 2, 1968.

I had first worked in television broadcasting, ranging from sports, entertainment, and now documentaries. Recently I won an award for best international at a human and social rights award for a documentary I did in Mexico City about the student massacre that happened on October 2, 1968.

Twitter – @bscenety 

Will Steph Wilson (Facebook)


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Amanda was upgraded to a speaking role as The Bartender on set. She did great!

Amanda works in the Oil Industry in Northern Alberta when she’s not on set as a Background Performer


Katherine Wilson as Mrs. Arthur Newbury

Hayden Wilson as Hayden Newbury

Scott Dumas as Fertility Doctor

Amanda Levert as bar waitress

Scott Hayes as Willie

Brad Nordstrom as Ed

Emily Liang as Marv’s Diner Waitress

Michael Cherewko as Marv’s Diner Patron

Doug Kennedy as Dale’s Father
Mardell Beaudoin as Dale’s Mother

Rejean Beaudoin as Emily’s Father
Sherry Butler as Emily’s Mother

Lindsay Butler as Herself

Cowboy Garry as Bar Patron

Sasha the Dog as Herself

Tao the Cat as Himself

Wrapping at the Ironwood Bar, Inglewood, AB

Want to see some pics of the cast and crew having fun? Click HERE!