Check back to this page often to catch the latest updates regarding the February’s Dog Movie! You can also follow along to our regular Facebook updates by clicking HERE.

July 27, 2020. Check out our new February’s Dog Movie Poster! Its FANTASTIC!!! Click HERE to view!

March 28, 2020. Hey big news! The February’s Dog Movie trailer is available for viewing. Go to the Media Page by clicking HERE to view!

March 18, 2020. Hello everyone. The marketing of our film is on a temporary hold on account of the Corona Virus outbreak. Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon, and at that time be sure and look for our film in theaters this summer/fall 2020. Thanks and stay safe.

February 7, 2020. Be sure and check out the Media Page for some links to some fantastic new articles about our excellent cast, as posted in “I’m Here With Magazine!”

February 6, 2020. Thank you for stopping by and checking out the new February’s Dog website – your home of all things ‘Dog! We hope you enjoy this website, and eventually our movie when it makes it to theaters this year! Stay tuned!

January 8, 2020. Filming has officially wrapped on the set of February’s Dog. A wonderful thank you to all of the many, many people involved. Now comes the editing stage, followed by the release of the theatrical trailer – so keep an eye out for that in about a month’s time.